elizabeth geyer

My Journal..

Life is a mixed bag and perspective isn't always easy. When I think of all I've given up (most recently, all my regular gigs including those I loved, to go work at a meat department in a supermarket) and all I've lost (a marriage, my heart once broke to pieces, friendships I thought would last but didn't) and how different life IS from how I thought it might be and it sometimes it all doesn't even make sense to me, let alone anyone else.

But we make our choices and I never wanted what was sensible or comfortable!  All I ever wanted to do is turn life into the best music I possibly could and find a way to record and share it.

So as someone who is  a vegetarian by default and happens to work in a meat department for the moment, all I can know is that in some bizarre way things are unfolding as they are supposed to. I realized a couple of days ago that to this point all my best growth has still really only happened on the inside.  But then again I've always been drawn to late bloomers!


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