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my  journal.. 10/6/16

There are others, like me, for whom music is so much more than just a soundtrack for some sexy video that's everywhere for three weeks.

Music was my drug growing up - it's heartening to find others who want to listen or even make music this other way - actually it saves my sanity. I feel like an alien most of the time. But it's heartening to know we are still here and all the noise, scrolling and celebrity gossip (I like celebrity gossip but you know what I mean) can't stop us finding each other, one by one. - Elizabeth


2016-10-11 11:28:43 - Gary Hayden
So true, Liz. Being older' and growing up in the times, pre-internet for my generation it was standard procedure to listen to music, for instance, undistracted by buzzing/ringing phones and emails and viewing other things in the internet while the music receded more and more into the background. For those times when I am listening to music while doing 'other' things at least I am aware that this is severely reducing my experience. But for others who have only known this way of 'listening' I feel they have not really created that bond with music that so many of us have. By still playing many old favorite albums that I listened to even decades ago, I can't help but be brought back right to those times when I first experienced that particular music and what was going on in my life at the time, where I was working, who my friends were, and what my old town was like at that specific point in time. I couldn't suppress those memories if I tried. I think this is the result of active listening-the music became very much, as you said, my life's soundtrack. It's sad that so many folks will miss that experience as music gets regulated to be just some background noise to other things going on... -Gary Hayden
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