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"The combination of instruments is quite fascinating and different than your typical new age release because of the jazz element injected by Elizabeth Geyer’s Flugelhorn. Then her piano also helps that taste of jazz and in retrospect gives each track an entirely different musical window to look through. But then again, every instrument that is included adds another dimension, layer, and or texture making it all a very unique and symbol of the diversity of talent..."  NEW AGE MUSIC REVIEWS  
 “Deeper Imaginings” is the highly anticipated follow-up to Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer's 2015 ZMR Contemporary Album of the Year winner “Imaginings”. It is always hard to replicate an album that has become a modern classic – but Adams and Geyer might have done just that." 


 "Exciting experiential musical excursions....  I give Paul, Elizabeth and their players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of a perfect 5.00… this means, of course, that they also get my “PICK” for  most enchanting album”. 

DICK METCALF  Contemporary Fusion Magazine

 "On this meditative mélange of musical poetry there was harmony, there was balance, and there was unity in every tune. Highly recommended." 

– R J Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews

Together with Paul Adams, we're thrilled to share the sequel to Imaginings (Winner Zone Music Awards Instrumental Album of The Year/ No 1 debut on iTunes New Age chart)
It has been a thrill to collaborate once again on this project with  Paul and the other incredible musicians from around the globe including Pravin Godkhindi, David Hoffman, Gary Green (Gentle Giant) and Alp Akmaz.
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  "She's a force of nature. Amazing singer and songwriter, original vocalist, wonderful trumpet player and multi-instrumentalist. She writes songs that come directly from the heart."


 "Elizabeth Geyer's music is heartfelt, soulful and beautiful. She's equally proficient on the  piano and the flugelhorn, both of which she utilizes to  enhance her deep, clear voice. As a singer/songwriter she is equal to the best. Her music is as honest as it gets."

 DAVID HOFFMAN - long term arranger/trumpet soloist with Ray Charles


  "Years ago when I was feeling really down, I was on a train to the Blue Mountains with my brother.  Along the way we passed through all the industrial outer suburbs of Sydney - factories, graffiti, high rise apartments, deserted parking lots and hundreds of tiny backyards filled with rusted out cars and plastic toys. The sun was shining on everything and suddenly I wasn't feeling bad anymore. I realised everyone has a story and things to figure out no matter where we are at and the answer was right in front of me, not only in some incredible rainbow or sunset, but in grey graffiti and concrete as well.

This is something that has always helped and totally inspired me, the magic under the ordinary.  It seems to turn up under everything eventually - everyone, and even the hardest situations. I write songs for fun, about any thing that inspires me. It's a joy to share.. thanks for being part of the journey,




 photo by Keith E Cotton


'If it was me I'd make it a law that everyone on the earth should hear that song (The Bridge). Absolutely beautiful.  Awesome lyrics and the girl is sooooo musical.'



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  "..now that she's here, it's clear she's here to stay. Killer stuff for boomers that have given up on finding anything new ever again worth their effort."  


"With The Bridge Elizabeth Geyer has triumphed in every way possible. As far as this listener is concerned it is a perfect 5/5 stars!"

ADULT CONTEMPORARY NEW AGE REVIEW                                                                                 

'Blessed with a lovely clear voice, Geyer delivers her intensely beautiful songs on The Bridge like the very best female colleagues from the past.. simply beautiful singing. Songs and lyrics are ongoing very impressive..  The Bridge is such a gorgeous, emotional thorough album that will last a lifetime.'  -  Pieter Wijnstekers HEAVEN MUSIC MAGAZINE NETHERLANDS 


Introducing..  THE BRIDGE
photo by Keith E Cotton                                        




                                                Elizabeth Geyer
                                           with Gary Holgate (bass)   Nic Cecire (drums)  Bill Risby (piano)